Luxury Travel Business Ideas

If you wise to generate more bookings per season and nurture your business rapidly, it is advisable not to overlook proven business strategies that every successful, luxury travel companies are implementing at present. Most of the players in luxury travel business have a unique approach to customer service which includes continuing to attract guests by providing unmatched experiences. They may end up charging more —and have extra resources—than regular operators, you may be able to adopt an inspired version of their same strategies for your own business.

Customized Itineraries

When itineraries are designed exclusively for the customer based on their preferences and desires, they feel involved and satisfied. According to Travel Pulse, for a leading company like Austin Adventures, from Wyoming, up to 31 percent of their business is comprised of custom trips as against the packaged programs.

Concierge Services

Many resorts, hotels and luxury travel companies go extra mile in offering concierge services to help guests experience the best out of their vacation of holiday gateway. For example, company may offer luxury concierge services for guests that even include an airport welcome, hotel local transportation arrangements, and shopping services.

Special Surprises

Imagine how excited your clients would be when they come to know that they are receiving complimentary snacks, beverages, or even a free meal just for opting your tour package. You may offer a free glass of champagne with gourmet snacks while welcoming the guests. For example Tucson Balloon Rides goes extra mile and offer a champagne brunch after the Sonoran Sunrise flight.

Themed Experiences

Themed experiences could range from the Running with the Bulls in Pamplona to one of the world's largest jazz fiesta in Montreal, Canada. You may build itineraries around these events to persuade guests to take pleasure in these events with a personalized experience that could include a private tour of the grounds or venue, access to behind-the-scene or other perks. For example, Jazz Cuba sometimes offers a Just the Jazz Festival Tour experience, wherein guests may enjoy the best jazz at the fiesta along with the guided tours around Havana and learn about local culture.

Child-Friendly Activities

This is one of the most growing needs in the luxury market. Child-friendly activities may also include complimentary childcare facilities or special programs for children. As an example, EWT HOLIDAY creates specific packages to accommodate for younger ones including babysitting services while parents go out on jeep safari.

Combination Tours and Experiences

Many luxury travel operators give their clients an option to "stack" multiple tours or experience for a truly memorable trip. These journeys may include a lot of things ranging from hiking trails and wine tasting experiences, walks or to culinary tours.Some of the key strategies being implemented by leading luxury travel companies.

Customized Celebration Experiences

Some guests travel to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, or other special occasions. As a luxury travel operator you may also offer special packages for these occasions. A company called Artisans of Leisure provides customized carnival package for guests planning a personal milestone.