What You Need To Know About Sixt Rent A Car

Sixt-rent-a-car provides car rentals in more than 4000 destinations across the world. This makes it convenient for you to drive in style no matter where you are. Their motto is to provide experience to their clients of driving premium cars at affordable prices. At Sixt rent a car you will be able to choose from convertibles, SUVs, sports cars, exotic cars, and fantasy cars all at a bargain.

Their fleet of cars changes according to the country or city that you are visiting and renting the car from. However, they have luxury cars at all their locations. Whether you want to drive a BMW, Audi or Mercedes, Sixt offers these brands at almost all of the car rental locations worldwide. Sixt also offers exotic vehicles at some of its locations. In the US you will be able to rent cars like Mercedes-Benz S class, BMW 6 series and Jaguar F type just to mention a few. With Sixt rent a car you can drive premium and pay economy.

With Sixt rent a car you will not just get a great car at reasonable prices, but also excellent customer service along with it. Right from pick up to drop there is an entirely customer-centric approach of the company and its employees. This company also offers 24×7 customer service and roadside assistance to make sure that you are always comfortable and safe.